About PCM

Perpetual Career Management was born of the idea that a career is a lifetime of professional pursuits.

The notion that people change careers is no longer applicable, as it was used at a time when most people had one major profession for life. Now, people change their focus — their profession, their industry, their pursuit — about half a dozen times throughout their lives, often with multiple “jobs” or businesses within each focus. The career is the entire path they follow as a it is better defined these days as the course of a working life.

Perpetual Career Management
is a career coaching agency with the primary goal to help you become the CEO of your career, if you are …

  • Looking to make a jump to a new job within your current industry/field of specialty
  • Hoping to make a change to a whole new career focus
  • Wanting to jockey for a raise or a promotion right where you are
  • Needing to find more job satisfaction without making a major career shift
  • Applying for new work positions without a solid plan
  • Desiring an action plan for success!